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New Book in the Works!
Hey everyone, if you haven't heard, there's a new Soul Chaser Betty story coming soon. This tale will continue where the first book left off, introducing new characters, new creatures, new mythology, and expanding on the world of Soul Chaser Betty.

For The Latest News on Soul Chaser Betty's New Story, Go to the Facebook Page!
That's right, there's a new Soul Chaser Betty story on the way, and you can get the latest scoop right now. Each week the Betty page is updated with work-in-progress sneak peaks, including new art! Help Betty start her new adventures over at the SOUL CHASER BETTY FACEBOOK PAGE!

See you there!


Nov 29th 2013
Web Comics Nation Pages Removed
Those of you looking for Soul Chaser Betty on Web Comics Nation... The series has been removed. WCN has been in a state of abandonment for some years, and the site as a whole is probably going to finally go away some time in 2014. If you read Betty there, I appreciate the support, but it was time to take it down...

Please considering supporting the book by ordering the expanded, "director's cut" graphic novel, which contains new art and pages, character sketches and an afterword, from Twilight Tangents.


March 23rd 2009
Interview at Comix Talk
Xerexes recently published his lively Q&A session with Soul Chaser Betty creator Brian Babendererde.  Topics range from the actual process of creating pages, to the mythology of the world, the books that have influenced Brian's work and even delves into Brian's favorite movies.

" strikes me that Babendererde's initial run on Betty is no small accomplishment, given how many dramatic, longer-form comics run off the rails for long hiatuses before finishing (if ever)."
              -Xerexes, Comix Talk

Check out the Interview at Comix Talk


Feb 24th 2009
Soul Chaser Betty Makes the Paper

Soul Chaser Betty and its creator Brian BMAN Babendererde were featured as part of a story about artists making their way in the tough economy today in the Daily Herald, a Chicago suburbs based newspaper.

 To read the story about Brian and the other artists, and to see the pictures that ran on the front page, visit The Daily Herald.


Feb 1st 2009
Betty Graphic Novel Hits Stores
Thanks again to everyone that ordered a copy of the Betty Graphic Novel from their local comic book store! 

Remember that books should be shipping to retailers in the first week of February - so check with your local store about getting your copy on Wednesday Feb 4th - new comics day!

If you didn't order a copy, it's never too late.  Check with your local retailer to see if they carry it, and if not ask them to get you one today!  For more detailed info on ordering, go here!

Jan 29th 2009
Signing at Capricon Feb 21st
Soul Chaser Betty author and artist Brian Babendererde will be signing copies of the Betty Graphic Novel at Capricon 29 on Saturday, February 21st. 

Capricon is a long running Chicago area science fiction, fantasy and anime convention.  For more information, including directions, event listings and more, check out the Capricon Website

(Note: Admission to convention not required to access autographing area).

Jan 17th 2009
The Pulse at Interview

Jen over at the Pulse has posted her interview with Soul Chaser Betty creator Brian Babendererde.  Check it out to learn how the characters were created, the details on Betty and Rolf's "relationship", why Betty isn't a "Chosen One" and what kinds of 1980's hijinks inspired the story and world.

"Babendererde has crafted quite the thrilling tale with Soul Chaser Betty." 
          - Jen Contino, The Pulse

Check out the Interview over at Comicon / The Pulse

Dec 13th 2008
World Famous Comics' Baker's Dozen Features Soul Chaser Betty
Bill Baker of World Famous Comics goes 12 questions with Soul Chaser Betty author Brian Babendererde in the column "Baker's Dozen."  Topics range from the process of developing characters and stories for graphic novels and video games, to the complex synthesis of mythology and legend that makes up the world of Soul Chaser Betty.

(Soul Chaser Betty is a) "Really well done, fun and fascinating work." 
          - Bill Baker, World Famous Comics.

Check out the Interview at World Famous Comics

Nov 26th 2008
December Previews Available Now!
Check out page 319 of the December Previews to find Soul Chaser Betty from Twilight  Ask your local comic shop to reserve you a copy in December using Previews, or Diamond Order Code DEC084285.   Books ship to stores in February.   Remember, if you'd like a copy of Betty, ask for one in December.

Click here for more info on how to order.

Nov 12th 2008
Ain't-It-Cool-News Reviews Soul Chaser Betty
Everyone's favorite one stop geek HQ has reviewed the Soul Chaser Betty Graphic Novel!  What'd they think? Well reviewer Ryan McLelland had this to say:  "The book is top-notch from start to finish, truly deserving of a Trade Paper Back, and packed full of extras. Of course, having some hottie teenager with a big-ass sword fighting baddies in short shorts is a tremendous plus."

Read More At Ain't-It-Cool-News


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