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Con Schedule

Capricon - Done!

Dancon - Done!




Personal Stats:

What I'm Reading:
Pretty Deadly

What I'm Playing:

The Lord of the Rings Online
World: Vilya
Chr: Ithildirien
Kin: Friends of Frodo

What I'm Watching:


 What's New BMAN?

Click to go to the Soul Chaser Betty Page!

Last Minute Change - I'll Be At C2E2 Afterall!
Update 04/17/15

I got a last minute table at C2E2 for the artist alley. Not sure where I will be in the floor plan, and you may not see me on the website, as the exhibitor book has already been printed and the artist page on the website was finalized before I snuck in, but I WILL be there! Watch the Betty Facebook page for more info!


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Facebook Soul Chaser Betty Page
Update 11/22/14

I'll be doing regular updates about the new Betty book on the official Soul Chaser Betty Facebook page, so please join me there for new character designs, sketches, art-in-progress, and Q&A about Betty, her awesome 80s, and a sneak peak of the bad guys, creatures, and ancient menaces she'll be running afoul of this time!

This week will see the debut of the first of the new character designs / studies for your favorite characters - First up, everyone's favorite cross dimensional bundle of trouble!

To Facebook!


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New Book Announcement
Update 10/20/14

Well, it's time to start talking about the new book! 2015 will see the debut of a new Soul Chaser Betty story! This will be a 36 page one shot story, with additional content to round the book out. I'll be spilling the beans on the new story, new characters, and new art as we start to hit the new year.

Before the book debuts I'll have preview books and sketchbooks at upcoming spring shows, as we ramp up to the release date of the new book.

Stay tuned!


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DanCon Spring 2015 & A New Book?
Update 09/25/14

Hey everyone, just a quick update to mention that I'll be at DanCon next year in the spring. More details as we get closer to the show.

In other news, I'm currently working on polishing the first draft of a script for a new book I hope to have done for early next year. What's it about? Well it's got everyone's favorite teenage Soul Chaser in it, and a mess of inter-dimensional action. Stay tuned for more info!


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I'm Skipping Wizard World This year
Update 07/04/14

After much thought, I've decided to skip the artist alley at Wizard Chicago Comic Con this year. The past couple shows have seen the organizers experiment with the alley layout and general show experience and that has led to declining traffic (and therefore sales) for many in the alley. Last year we were relegated to a separate floor than the dealers, and the year before we were spread out in such wacky and nonsensical layouts that no one could find us (I stepped away from my table to go check out the show, and even I couldn't find my way back).

Wizard was my first show in 2001, and has usually been a great event to attend, so this is kind of a sad decision for me. But, because of my experience with the past two years, coupled with the fact that I don't a new book this summer, it just makes sense to take the year off.

However, I'll be at the show as an attendee, and I'm kind of exited about getting a chance to just check out the dealers and look for some cool stuff to pick up, something I haven't had a real chance to do in over 13 years - usually I only get an hour away from the AA table for the whole weekend to go and poke around.

I hope to be back next year, and I'll be listening carefully to what my artist pals in the alley have to say about this year's show.


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It's Time for Anime Central
Update 05/15/13

It's that time of year again. I'll be in the Artist Alley with some other great artists. Drop by, check out the sketchbooks, and checkout the new sketch cards I'll be bringing to the show.

See you there, space cowboy!


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C2E2 is almost here!
Update 04/15/13

Hey everyone, the premiere mid-west comic con is nigh! I'll be in the Artist Alley with some other great artists. Come by to check out prints, sketchbooks, and pick up a signed copy of Soul Chaser Betty.

There's a ton of other events going on at the show, so there's always something to do and see, including panels with your favorite artists and writers, video game events, and information about the latest upcoming projects!

See you there!


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There is a New Art Update!
Update 11/29/13

It's been a while since I've updated any art. Let's fix that. Here are a few con sketches and one special piece that means a lot to me.

Defeat the C

Ghost Rider


Far From Home (NSFW)

Hopefully there will be more new art on the way. I really need to make these updates a new year's resolution...

Web Comics Nation News
In other news, those of you looking for Soul Chaser Betty on Web Comics Nation... The series has been removed. WCN has been in a state of abandonment for some years, and the site as a whole is probably going to finally go away some time in 2014. If you read Betty there, I appreciate the support, but it was time to take it down...

Please considering supporting the book by ordering the expanded, "director's cut" graphic novel, which contains new art and pages, character sketches and an afterword, from Twilight Tangents.


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Wizard World Chicago Comic-con !
Update 8/4/13

It's that time of year again - Wizard Chicago Comic Con is this weekend (Aug 8th - 11th)

Once again, I'll be sharing table space with my good friends over at Instant Press Comics. Come check us out in the artist alley at table K11!

Interactive Show Floor Map:


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C2E2 this week and New Art!
Update 4/21/13

It's that time of year again - Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is this upcoming weekend! I'll be in the artist alley again this year at table P4, along with my good friends from Instant Press Comics! I'll have new prints and a new sketchbook of inks, so come by and say hi.

In the meantime, here's a batch of new art!

Death Knight II

Ink Sketches:
Sitting Cave Girl

Sky Fish

Con Sketches:
Cavegirl Pencil

More to come! See you at the show!


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New Art!
Update 3/3/13

Okay, it's taken me a few weeks to get back on schedule, but here we are again. Let's get to it!

The Witching Hour (Color)

Ink Sketches:
Sketchbook Drawing Inks (NSFW)

Con Sketches:
Saber Lily - The Sword in the Stone


More to come!

And don't forget that Dan Con is coming up!


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Capricon This Weekend!
Update 2/3/13

What's up, true believers. (Channeling Stan the Man, here). I'll be a guest at Capricon this weekend, in beautiful downtown Wheeling Illinois! I'll be hanging some original art in the art show, some prints in the print shop, and doing a signing, plus sitting in a handful of great panels. So if you're in the neighborhood, swing on by.

Here's the schedule:

Autographing: Brian Babendererde - Friday, 02-08-2013 - 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm - Autograph Table

Online Gaming Communities - Friday, 02-08-2013 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm - Willow
Gamers unite to talk about their favorite online games, systems, and communities.

Zombie vs. Robot Apocalypse - Friday, 02-08-2013 - 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm - Birch B
Which is the way the world ends? With killer robot from outer space zapping everything in sight with their oculaser beams and the walking dead eating their way through grandma and grandpa, which will wind up at the top of the heap?

Game of Thrones: Is it Winter Yet? - Saturday, 02-09-2013 - 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm - River AB (Programming - Media)
Books, the HBO show, shot glasses, art, and many, many other related items are out there based upon George R. R. Martin's world created in "A Song of Ice and Fire." Lets discuss this show and talk about why it's become so popular.

The Dark Knight Collapses? - Sunday, 02-10-2013 - 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm - Botanic Garden A (Special Events - Programming)
Following The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan set high expectations for the final movie of his Batman trilogy. By the time it opened, he was competing with those expectations, the Avengers juggernaut, and a lunatic in a Colorado theatre. How well did The Dark Knight live up to expectations? What did Nolan do right and where could he have improved?

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More Art!
Update 1/20/13

Once again, I'm trying to keep up with posting the backlog of art.

Red handed (NSFW)

Con Sketches:
Darth Vader

Kon Vs Kero-Chan

Ink Sketches:
Barsoom Axe (NSFW)

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Post Holiday Art!
Update 1/05/13

Okay, here we go. I'm trying to keep to a schedule here and get some art posted on a semi-regular basis. So, without further ado:

Pirate Queen of Mars

Inks Sketches:
Vixen (NSFW)

Lone Wolf & Cub

Con Sketches:
Lucky Star

More to come!


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New Art! (Finally)
Update 12/01/12

Hey BMAN, where you're updates at?

So It's been tough finding time to update the site, mostly because of a new job I started in March, but also because I've been working hard to finish the 3rd draft of a novel in my spare time.

BUT, I'm finally catching up and getting some art on the site.

Without further ado:

Death Knight Color

Blade Dancer Color (Totally NSFW)

Desert Warrior Ink Sketch

Dangerous Beauty Ink Sketch (Kinda NSFW)

I will be updating the site every two weeks from here on out, until I get through this backlog of art. I have a ton of Con-Sektches from the last year, more Ink Sketches, some color work, and even one full blown painting that's been sitting in the drawer for almost a year - much like Blade Dancer above.

Please friend me on Facebook, and I will continue to post update notifications there.


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Wizard World Chicago Comic Con
This Weekend!
Update 8/06/12

Well, it's been a while since I've done an update. I started a new job in the spring, so getting settled in there has been a major delay in getting new art to the site. Add into that a backlog of con sketches, a desire to get a new sketchbook done for Wizard, and weekends eaten up by working on finishing the second draft of my novel (yes, novel), and it's just been difficult to find the time to update.

But, I've settled into the new job, the sketchbook is done, and I should have some time to get some new art up. Soon. I promise.

In the meantime, Wizard World Chicago is coming up this weekend! I'll be sharing a set up with my good friend Allie Dyal, artist and author of Whispers of the Divide, at table 3408 in the artist alley!

Plus, I'll have a brand new sketchbook for sale at the show!

This book has been in the making since August of last year, when I decided to try and do a new ink sketch nearly every week. I couldn't be happier with the results - over 40 original pen and ink sketches with a full color, wrap-around cover!

I hope to see you there!


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ACEN this weekend!
Update 4/25/12

Anime Central is this weekend! I'll be in the artist alley at table 207, so come on by and say hi, check out new art, and just hang out!

P.S. - New art coming soon to the site (though you can see it all in person this weekend at the show!)




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New Art and Upcoming Cons
Update 4/08/12

So we've got a few great shows coming up, C2E2 and ACEN! 

C2E2 is next weekend (April 13th thru the 15th) at McCormack Place in Chicago.  I'll be in the artist alley sharing a table with Tim Broderick. Come check us out at booth E20!

Two weeks later is Anime Central at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  Once again, I'll be in the artist alley, hanging out with a bunch of great artists and writers! 

I'll have tons of new stuff at both shows, including new prints and a nice little book of all of my latest ink sketches.

Speaking of which, this week's new art is four new pieces from my weekly ink sketches:

Tars Tarkas
Pirate Queen of Mars
Cheeky Spear

Thanks for checking out the new art, and if you're going to be at C2E2 or ACEN, drop by and say hi!




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Finally, an Update
Update 2/27/12

I've been having a hard time finding the time to do some updates lately, but here we go!

Dan Con!

The convention season is underway starting next week!  On Sunday March 4th I'll be at DANCON, which is a one day comic show in Orland Park. While there's gonna be a good number of dealers there, there's also gonna be a ton of great artists there - and I'm not talking about a handful, I'm talking dozens!

So, if you're in the Chicago area, come out and check it, but don't wait too long, because doors open at 10AM and the show closes at 4PM!  See you there!

Check out the Con Schedule on the left of the site to see where else I will be this year! (C2E2, ACEN, Wizard World)

New Art

Without further ado,  I've added six new ink sketches!

Hello! What's this?
Silken Princess
Brushed Hair
Dragon Fire
Accurate Barsoon Costume (NSFW)

More coming soon!



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More Ink Sketches
Update 12/09/11

I didn't update with new art over the Thanksgiving holiday, so these four should make up for that.  These are from my weekly ink sketch experiments.

Savage Knife
Princess (NSFW)
Black Rock (Slightly NSFW)




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New Art
Update 11/4/11

What?  More new art?  Yep, and there's more coming in the next few weeks.  I've still got some new color stuff to post from last year, and a slew of con-sketches to catch up on.

New Art:
I've got four new weekly Ink Sketches to post this week.  Let's just cut the chit-chat and get to it!

Barsoom Girl (NSFW)
Dark Eyes (NSFW)
The Plague: Rip
The Plague: Grinder



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New Art
Update 10/14/11

Well, I've been on a break for a while, but I haven't been resting.  I've got a new color piece to post this week, and a whole new section to get started!  Let's get to it.

New Art:
Savage Sword (Color)
This is a color version of my recent pen & ink work, with several detail close ups.

New Section:  Ink Sketches
I've added a section for a new series of sketches.  These weekly experiments are purely for fun and an excuse to try different things.   Not every one will turn out, but that's okay - experimentation can be messy!

Now that I'm back to updating, I'll be trying to post something new every week to two weeks.  I've already got more Ink Sketches and some con sketches from earlier in the year to get out, as well as several color pieces I haven't found the time to format.


P.S. - Friend Me

(Do it...Drink the Cool-Aid)

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Chicago Comic Con This Weekend + Updates
Update 8/08/11

This weekend is the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in Rosemont, IL.  I'll be at table 3244 in the artist alley, hanging out with some other artist and writer friends.  If you're coming to the show, please stop by and say hi!


This week I've updated with another Conan inspired pen and ink!

The Witching Hour
Detail 01
Detail 02
The Witching Hour Pencil

Like the Savage Sword piece I posted two weeks ago, this one was a combination of about 80% traditional pen and ink, and 20% digital inks. 

I hope you like The Witching Hour.  Check back soon, because there's more new stuff coming in the weeks ahead!

P.S. - Friend me:

(You know you want to)


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CYPHAN This Weekend + Updates
Update 7/28/11

This weekend is the Cyphan 2 show here in the Chicago area.  I'll have a table there, and will be hanging out with some friends and artists.  Cyphan is a new show, in its second year.   I heard great things about last year, so it should be fun.  Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror with comics and films and quite a few celebrity guests.  Check it out starting tomorrow (Friday!)

Hobby Miniatures Updates
I've finally got some new stuff for the Hobby section!  I've added a ton of new photos to the Miniatures Gallery of stuff that I've painted for use with table-top games.  Check out the updated Games Workshop Lord of the Rings gallery, and the Dragonblood / Cavalcade gallery of the minis that were based on my art.

Speaking of which, I should remind everyone that Cavalcade Wargames picked up two of those minis (when they took over much of Dragonblood's catalogue) and has reissued them.   The one based on Reaper Queen was a limited edition, and won't be reissued.  Cavalcade's site is closed for the summer, but expect it to be back soon.

Finally, a great big thanks to Kathy Tootelian for the wonderful miniature photography.  Hopefully she can be tempted to do some more in the near future.


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New Art!
Update 7/18/11

Well, its been a long time in coming, but I finally have some new art up.  In addition, over the coming weeks, I'll be posting new art updates every one or two weeks.  I've got a lot of stuff that's been sitting on the shelf for the last year, and I can't wait to get some of it posted.

This week:  A new pen and ink.

Savage Sword
Detail 01
Detail 02
Savage Sword Pencil

This was a combination of traditional quill pens and digital inks.  The companion to this piece, entitled The Witching Hour, is almost complete and will be one of the next pieces I post!


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Friend Me on Facebook
Update 7/18/11

I've been putting it off, but I've finally got a Facebook page up.  I invite all friends, fans and readers of Betty to head over and send me an invite.  I'd love to hear from you, and I hope to make it a more interactive version of the mailing list, without all that pesky email stuff - I mean, email is so 1998, isn't it?

(You know you want to)

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